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Fixed Income & Global Markets

Corporate Derivatives & FX – Haitong Brazil has an advisory team for Corporate and Institutional clients, offering derivatives, foreign exchange and cash management products.

Our portfolio of derivatives products ranges from plain vanilla structures to tailor-made operations, to ensure the protection of our clients assets and liabilities, always assessing the needs individually, weighing appropriate risks and scenarios.

Haitong also offers its clients investment products, such as Agribusiness Letters of Credit (LCA), Real Estate Credit Notes (LCI), Certificates of Deposit (CDB), Government Bonds and Repo Operations and Structured Operation Certificate (COE), to assist them in cash management. Such products are offered respecting the profile of each investor.

Distribution – Focus on the distribution of Fixed Income products (Vanillas and Securitized) covering the primary and secondary markets and Market Maker services. Our comprehensive coverage includes a wide range of investor types (Institutional, Wealth and Independent Channels) and, given the Bank’s global presence, we also offer international structured product distribution services through our offshore desks.

Owner Trading – We operate in local and international markets covering an extensive an extensive range of assets and markets supported by rigorous risk controls. We also work to equalize the risk factors related to the operations and structures developed jointly with clients.

ALM – Management of bank assets and liabilities to maximize their efficiency. We also plan and promotes the strategy for raising the funds necessary for the Bank's activities, ensure the maintenance of adequate liquidity levels. Concentration of pricing and transfer-pricefor asset operations and for structures developed by the Risk Management Desk.