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Money Laundering

Activities to Prevent Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism

The Haitong strictly complies with the legislation on the Prevention of Money Laundering, and implemented internal procedures to identify and prevent transactions with characteristics of money laundering.


The Haitong has a Policy on Money Laundering Prevention and Financing to Terrorism (MLPFT), which provides for:

Disseminate, among all employees, of a culture of preventing money laundering, through the distribution of materials and regular training;
Delegating responsibilities in the activities of MLPFT within the Bank in Brazil;
Ensuring compliance with the legislation on Money Laundering and Financing to Terrorism;
Continually monitoring clients and their operations, by a computerized system that issues alerts, according to their previously configured execution;
Centralizing the analyses of money laundering prevention to the Compliance Department, and any notices to the regulatory bodies (through SISCOAF);
All suspected cases are referring to the Compliance Committee, forum for discussions about all the issues and deliberation.