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Corporate Governance

Management Model

Transparency, financial discipline, operational and internal risk control, equity, social responsibility, and alignment of interests between the shareholders and administrators are all aspects included in the routine activities of the Bank in Brazil. The management model of the Bank in Brazil strictly adheres to the legislation, and is in line with the best practices on the market.

The operating policy considers the objectives of the different stakeholders, and seeks to form long-term partnerships with its clients, offering quality products and services, according to the specific needs of each one, with the aim of creating value for the Bank's shareholders, based on an organic and sustainable growth, based on an operation in which ethics forms the basis of the whole business.

The Bank in Brazil seeks to continually improve its corporate governance practices, under the guidance and supervision of its Board of Directors, who responsible for defining and following up on the Bank's strategies. The Board of Directors also monitors the internal control systems, particularly in relation to the risk management - a crucial aspect in any financial institution.

The Bank's culture of corporate governance includes a set of management tools aimed at maintaining the image of solidity and reliability, as well as becoming an increasingly transparent institution in the eyes of the market.

This framework has transformed the institution into an increasingly sustainable business, through closely-controlled risk management, opening up of new business opportunities, and an ongoing concern to consolidate the Bank's tradition of solidity.

Based on best practices and international standards, the Bank in Brazil is committed to improving its internal controls. Hence, it makes significant investments in technological updating and employee training. It was based on these attitudes that the Bank achieved success, and the recognition from its clients and other stakeholders. And it continues to strive for its place in the market, and to retain its key position in the Brazilian banking sector.